Betsoft Best Slot Game with Highest RTP

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Because slot is simple and easy, online slot game become one of the most popular casino game in online casino. It is not surprised if you see many casino game developers have invented and developed interesting slot games with many exciting bonuses. Betsoft is one of well-known casino game developers which has created exciting casino games, especially slot game. Below, we list three Betsoft Best Slot Game with Highest RTP.

Betsoft Best Slot Game with Highest RTP

Betsoft Best Slot Game with Highest RTP

Betsoft Best Slot Game with Highest RTP

Understand What RTP is

Before we continue with the list, it is good to know what RTP is or what the definition of RTP. RTP is an abbreviation from Return to Player which is a phrase casino game to depict the long term theoretical presumed payback percentage from all money which you spend on the machine. The definition of machine does not only refer to slot machine but it refers to video lottery terminal (VLT), pokies, video poker machine or any other format of the machine.

It is confusing explanation, isn’t it? Let us use example to make it clear. You placed bet 100 dollar and the RTP is 97.1 percent, you would expect to gain a return of 97.10 dollar in wins from your staked 100 dollar. So, the higher RTP is, the higher cash you get from the game.

Who Spun It Plus Slot Game

This slot game uses 3D graphic resolution which has incredible graphics and exciting storyline. This game uses detective mystery as the main themed of the game. You will face complicated murder mystery, like in Sherlock Holmes or Conan. The sound and graphic suport the atmosphere of the game.

This game uses five reels and 30 pay-lines and interesting symbols related to the the theme. You will gain maximum jackpot 325.000 credits. The highest bonus feature is the interragation game. You will get the reward if you can make the suspect confess about something. This game has 97.79 percent RTP.

At the Copa Slot Game

Same as Who Spun It, At the Copa game is a slot game which have 3D graphic design feature. This game use a a new Latin as the themed of the game. This game brings you to feel the Latin dancing and cocktail all day long. Having an exciting soundtrack and beauty Latin dancer will give you another experience of playing slot game in Latin countries such as Puerto Rico, Brazil and other.

At the Copa game uses five reesl and 30 lines which have many incredible bonus features like free spins, progessive jackpot and Dance bonus. This game has 97.6 percent of the RTP.

After Night Falls Slot Game

This game does not only have a good high RTP but also you have high win opportunities through this game. This game uses five reels, 30 lines and have 97.2 percent of RTP. The maximum number of jackpot is 1.550.000 coins.

It is good to play in slot game which have high RTP. Hopefully, the list above about Betsoft Best Slot Game with Highest RTP give you a new reference where you play the slot game.