Ho Yeah Monkey Spadegaming Slot Play it and Win

Posted on / Willie Hill

Simple yet tantalizing are the right words for this game. This slot games from Spadegaming developer will give you unforgettable experience. Ho Yeah is an oriental themed slot games with monkey as the main character. Here is the Ho Yeah Monkey Spadegaming Slot Play it and Win lots of money.

Ho Yeah Monkey Spadegaming Slot Play it and Win

Ho Yeah Monkey Spadegaming Slot Play it and Win

Ho Yeah Monkey Spadegaming Slot Play it and Win

  • What’s Special About This Game?

If you are a fan of oriental theme, this game is the perfect one for you. You will see Chinese mountain view, such as green tall peaks, reaching the sky. In the center of the display, you can find the reels with a golden frame.

In this game you will find Chinese tradition and folklore theme. With the monkey as the main character that is believed will bring you luck. Well, not all bettor feels the luck by seeing this monkey, but this game is very tantalizing. Just try it by yourself.

  • Simple Rules

Yes, this game is just as simple as other slot games, even simpler. There are just one payline and three reels that’s one of the information about this online slot game. The minimum credit is 0.10 and the maximum credit is 30 per spin. You can try to place a bet of one until three coins per turn that will determine your jackpot later.

You will find bananas as the symbol with different sizes. You can combine them in different size, and it will give you some amount of money. The other symbols that you can find are funny hats, lucky charms, and peaches. If you are brave enough to go all-in you will get the top prize of 2000 credits!

It can be concluded that this game is the traditional and basic game. Ho Yeah does not have certain sophisticated features, so this game will be a little bit difficult and not a beginner-friendly slot game. However, this game is really a worth it game to be tried and to test your luck.

The most important thing is you should manage your money well while playing this game. The risk is a little bit huge rather than other slot games, so without good money management, you will be lead to the bankruptcy. You also should be brave enough to spend more money to place a bet in singe line such as in this game because the prize is big enough to be missed.

  • Free? Yes!

Yes, you can play this game for free in QQ808. You can explore this game and drain the jackpot for yourself. What you need to do is just register yourself in the website and you can enjoy the game.

Open the e-games tab, then click the Spadegaming tab. Find this game along with other best slot game with highest RTP. You will find it without any difficulties. You can search for the giok, blue-green stone, lion with golden hair or a little monkey wearing golden crown like a monkey king.

What are you waiting for? Open QQ882 website right away and you can play Ho Yeah Monkey Spadegaming Slot Play it and Win. You will be served with simple layout but with Chinese wonderful theme and also a big amount of jackpot. Happy betting!