Nonstop Promotional Offers of QQ882

Posted on / Willie Hill

Have you ever heard of QQ882? Yes, it is the most famous and biggest betting website. As the top betting site, QQ882 will give you the best services so that you can have more fun. To make that experience more valuable, here are some Nonstop Promotional Offers of QQ882 that you should take for granted.

Nonstop Promotional Offers of QQ882

Nonstop Promotional Offers of QQ882

Nonstop Promotional Offers of QQ882

  • Lucky Draw

First of all, you should register yourself as the member of QQ882 online casino website. Then, play! If you already get a turnover it means you get a Lucky Draw Ticket. Basically it is similar to lottery, the ticket will contain numbers. The winner’s number will be announced every Tuesday. You can get one of 30 special prizes or three big prizes.

  • New Daily Reload Bonus 10%

This promo will give 10% bonus if you deposit certain amount of money each day. For MYR currency, you should transfer 600 MYR and you will get the bonus, MYR 30 for maximum for each product that is included in this promo such as TTG, MG, Spadegaming, Betsoft, and QQKeno.

The requirement that you should fulfill is just six times turnover. So it will be counted as transfer + bonus and multiplied by six turnovers. So, if you transfer 600 MYR you will get bonus 30 MYR, equals 630 MYR. Then it will be multiplied by six turnovers and you will get 3780 MYR! It will be a pity if you miss this promo.

  • More Bonus for Loyal Members

Keep playing in QQ882 and you will get more prizes. When you deposit and place bets regularly on this site, you can level up to Diamond level. First of all, you need to play for three months and you will be leveled up to “Bronze”. Then after you keep playing for six months, you will be upgraded into one next level. Continue to play and after 12 months you will get one more level higher than before.

To get this bonus, bettor should deposit some money and place a valid bet at least once per month. Your level will give you some advantages, so make sure that you always deposit your money and keep playing. The higher your level, the more advantages you will get.

  • Special Extra Bonus

Who doesn’t want extra bonus? QQ882 will give you extra bonus up to 200%. You can get bonus maximum MYR 350, but you should fulfill the requirement which is 30 times turnover. So you only need to deposit some money, then MYR 350 will be added to your account and it will be multiplied by 30 turnovers. Can you count your money? It will go bigger and can keep you placing bets. However, you should pay attention to the rule, because this bonus will not be applied to all games.

So, which nonstop promotional offers of QQ882 that you want to choose? Do you want to try them all? Yes, surely you can do it. If you ask is there any other site give such promos, the answer in a big NO. Happy betting in QQ882.