The Difference of Progressive Slot to Non-Progressive

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Slot machines have identical outer appearances. The gameplay from one to another isn’t that different either. However, the difference of progressive slot to non-progressive definitely had drawn bettors to play them. What makes them so delectable and addictive? Get to know more below.

The Difference of Progressive Slot to Non-Progressive

The Difference of Progressive Slot to Non-Progressive

The Difference of Progressive Slot to Non-Progressive

  • The Jackpots

The Jackpots are the most noticeable feature about slots. Normal ones tend to set standalone machines that accumulate one jackpot exclusively. Meanwhile, progressive ones have multiple jackpots. Those jackpots are possible to pay out just by playing once. However, players have to reach a jackpot before they reach another. Besides, the machine takes all your money when you lose.

  • Connections

There are several types of progressive slots. The first one is Standalone Progressive slot. It got progressive gameplay, but the money only revolves in the machine by itself. The odds shouldn’t be too different than normal slots. The second one is Local Progressive slot. These slots are set in a certain area and designed to be connected to each other. With the connection, the jackpot will accumulate according to the whole sum every slot gets. Lastly, we have Wide Area Network Progressive slot. These slots reached even bigger areas such as a city or even a state. The jackpots are obviously bigger – they are known to set their jackpot on millions.

  • Difficulties

As we have mentioned above, bettors have to get a jackpot before they reach another one in progressive slots. They are usually referred as levels. Further the level, the higher the jackpot. The high jackpots make it harder to play. Some machines even lessen appearance of wild and scatter as the level advances. The levels depend on the machine itself. Compared to progressive ones, normal slots are more straightforward and simple.

  • Return To Player (RTP) Rate

RTP rate is important to judge whether the slot will pay out or not. A good RTP rate would be 90% or above. Usually, a good machine will put up their RTP somewhere on their outside appearance. However, progressive and normal slots have different RTP. Local and Wide Area Network ones would have better faring because the money is accumulated much faster and bigger with them. But, check their minimum bet. The higher they are the less will you get.

  • Inland and Online

The difference doesn’t appeal on the slots themselves, they are also differ depending on the platform. Referring to the second point, the jackpots and RTP depends a lot on the machines’ connection. Fortunately, the rules only can be applied to inland slot machines. As for online ones, all of them are designed as Wide Area Network slots on both progressive and non-progressive. But instead of a certain area, they accumulate jackpots worldwide.

As you can see, the difference of progressive slot to non-progressive is quite clear. So, don’t assume they are the same game just because the gameplay and appearance is the same – you might end up losing all your money on progressive slot that you don’t intend to play from the start! Make sure to read the labels before you play.